Dedicated to the Artists, Inker and Writers of the Silver Surfer legend!




John Buscema is best known for his work on the Silver Surfer origin series #1-#17 and for his work on Conan the Barbarian. Although John passed away on January 10th, 2002, his legacy will live on forever.

John also drew the first issue for the Silver Surfer Vol.#3, but due to a mix up in communication the assignment was given to Marshall Rogers. This original story was later released as Marvel Fanfare #51.  John's final work on the Silver Surfer was in the "Galactus the Devourer" six part series.

Of all of the pages I own, my favorite full page splash is John's work in the Graphic novel.  Each page is a full page splash, so every page is highly sought after by collectors.  The one I own is where Nova and Surfer meet among the stars.  John's ability to tell a story through art and layout is amazing and is a large part of why his art will always be remembered.

He will be missed ....

John penciled and inked this limited 250 run lithograph art page.  This photo of  John autographing the page accompanied the art along with a certificate of authentication.




Ron Frenz and me at the Mid-Ohio Comic Con -- 10/03/2009!

Ron Frenz is best-known for his work on The Amazing Spider-Man and for Spider-Girl, which he co-created with writer Tom DeFalco. Ron's remarkable body of work also includes such titles as The Mighty Thor, Ka-Zar the Savage, The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Marvel Saga, Thunderstrike, and Superman.

I met Ron for the first time on October 3rd, 2009 at the Mid-Ohio Comic Con, but I've been a fan of his work for long time. 

Ron work first caught my eye about 4 years ago during the time the Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer movie was released.  Ron did a 4 part tribute series and I was lucky enough to buy the best of the set

One of the best parts of Ron's art is his style, which is a modern version of Jack Kirby.





Ron Garney holding my 3 best original art pages he did during his run on the Silver Surfer.  New York City Comic Con -- 9/09/2010!


Ron Garney has worked on JLA,The Amazing Spider-Man, Daredevil, Ghost Rider volume 3, Wolverine, Captain America, X-Men, Silver Surfer and Hulk. He has also written for Hulk in collaboration with Jerry Ordway.

Garney's late 2000s projects include Skaar: Son of Hulk[1][2] and Wolverine: Weapon X. Garney worked as the Costume illustrator on the 2007 Will Smith film I Am Legend, and the 2010 Nicolas Cage fantasy film, The Sorcerer's Apprentice.


Cory Hamscher

Cory Hamscher


I met up with Cory and his wife at the 2011 Mid-Ohio Comic Con in Columbus Ohio. I was lucky enough to win a couple of the pages he inked in the Skarr: Son of Hulk #9 issue.   Cory did a great job inking over Ron Lim's original art pages.

Cory Hamscherat the Mid-Ohio Comic Con. -- 10/22/2011

Joe Jusko

Joe Jusko


Joe Jusko is one of the best-known fantasy genre artists in the world, having worked for almost every major comic book publisher, producing hundreds of images for covers and interiors. His recent work includes a fully painted graphic novel based on Lara Croft, the heroine from the Tomb Raider video game series, cover paintings for The Oz/Wonderland Chronicles, Vampirella, and Sheena, Queen of the Jungle, among others.

I met Joe for this first time this year at the Mid-Ohio Comic Convension, and let me just say, Joe is a super nice guy. 

Joe is most know for his incredible acrylic paintings.  He has painted several Silver Surfer covers and is most know for his graphic cover painting penciled by John Buscema.

Joe is currently working on the Tarzan series and had several examples on display during his trip to Ohio.  I also had the oppotunity to see the final version of a Wolverine & Hercules issue.  AMAZING!!!  

Joe Jusko at the Mid-Ohio Comic Con. -- 10/03/2009



Stan Lee & Jeff Goldsmith at the Comic-Con 2004 discussion group on turning comic books into movies.  This was very interesting but I left half way through to go see Eliza Dushku (Tru Calling) .  Hey, I'm a guy!

In a career at Marvel Comics spanning 60 years,  Stan is "the Man" of the comic book world.  

Stan told the story at the ComicCon 2004 that his big cameo shot got cut in the Spiderman 2 movie.  Stan originally shot the scene as the man who said "... Spiderman just stole that guys pizza".  The Director had to cut the scene and re-shot it with another actor because the lighting on Stan's take was all wrong. Thus Stan's cameo in Spiderman 2 was just a blip of him saving a lady from getting hit by falling debris.



Ron Lim is the premier modern day Silver Surfer artist having drawn him longer than any other artist in history.  Ron 's Surfer run spanned from Volume 3, issue #15-#92, and included several spin off's including the Infinity Gauntlet series.

As you can tell from my art collection in the Original Art section, Ron is my favorite Silver Surfer artist. What impressed me most about meeting Ron was how genuinely nice he was to everyone who met him at the Con.  He made everyone feel welcomed and had fun doing it.  Very cool guy.

Me and Ron Lim hanging out at the Comic Con 2003



George and Tom have been in the comic industry for over 20+ years.  Both have brought their unique talents to key titles Like The Avengers, the Infinity Gauntlet, the Defenders, etc. .. the list goes on and on.

Tom also did special coloring for me on a Silver Surfer comission page penciled and inked by Ron Frenze.  Silver Surfer comission.

George is on the left and Tom is on the right.



Keith Pollard is a comic book artist best known for his work for Marvel Comics. Pollard had the distinction of working on three of Marvel's best-selling titles simultaneously when he was penciling Fantastic Four, Amazing Spider-Man, and Thor during the late 1970s and early 1980s. During his stint with Marvel, Pollard co-created the Black Cat with writer Marv Wolfman. He is also widely remembered for his work on the original Deathlok stories in Astonishing Tales. In the early 1990s, he drew all the character profiles for The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Master Edition. Pollard also worked extensively for DC Comics, including pencils on Green Lantern and Vigilante.

Kieth is one of those true legendary artists, and lucky for me, he took time out to talk, joke around and autograph a copy of the Silver Surfer Graphic novel he drew.

Me and Kieth hanging out at the Mid-Ohio Comic Con 2009



Bill Reinhold is best know for his recent work in the Earth X series. Bill worked on the Silver Surfer graphic novel entitled "Homecoming" in 1995 during the peak of the Silver Surfer fan following.


Bill was a super nice person.  He took the time to help me look for some surfer pages from his graffic novel, HOMECOMING!



Marshall had a nice run in the early days of the 3rd series for Silver Surfer issues #1 - #14.  Under his creative hand, along with writer Steve Englehart, the Silver Surfer was finally set free from the planet Earth and began his amazing galactic journey.  Marshall recently passed away in November 2007.

Another great artist has left us for greener pastures.



Perhaps best known for his work alongside Frank Miller on Wolverine, John Byrne on Captain America, and Dave Cockrum on Uncanny X-Men, Josef Rubinstein started his career at the age of 13 as an assistant to Neal Adams at Continuity Associates in 1972. Rubinstein became a freelance artist four years later and over the span of his career has worked for every major comics company. Rubinstein holds the Guinness record for having inked more pencilers than any other inker, due in large part to his work on The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe on and off for 20 years

I have been a huge fan of Joe Rubinstein for the past 17 years as he has been a long time artist in the early Silver Surfer series.  Joe inked for both Marshall Rogers and early Ron Lim pages during the Volume #3 run of the Silver Surfer.

I first had contact with Joe about 6 years ago when he inked a reproduction comission page for me of the Silver Surfer #34 cover.  Recently, Joe finished an amazing comission page for me by inking the art of Sal Velluto on an alternate cover to "Loftier than Mortals" Issue #2.  One of my favorite styles that Joe uses in his inking is a technique with a razor that creates a texture on straight lines yielding a very explosive look.

Joe Rubinstein at the Mid-Ohio 2009 Comic Convension.




Alex Saviuk is probably most famous for his work on Web of Spider-man , the weekly newspaper Spiderman comic strip, and Superman.   Alex drew the Silver Surfer and Spiderman together in Marvel Adventures #13.  This year Alex found a little gem that he and Joe Sinnott did for a kids give away book about the origin and friends of the Silver Surfer.  Alex has been drawing Spiderman for 17 years with Marvel.

He is truely a master at his trade and was fascinating to speak with concerning the history and making of comic book art.  The one thing that impressed me most was how enthusiastic he was about drawing.  A real pro.  

Alex Saviuk was kind enough to allow me to pal around with him during the Comic Con in San Diego.  Thanks Alex!!!




Louise was very gracious at the ComicCon.  I was lucky to get to chat with her regarding the writing process .  I'll be adding her contribution to the "How Comics are Made" section of this web site in the near future.

Louise and her husband Walter were the entire reason I choose to come to ComicCon 2004.  Louise has written for Superman: Man of Steel and she co-created Steel as part of the Death of Superman series.  More recently she has written for Warlock, Power Pack, and Galactus the Devourer.  Her current project is writing for Magnus: Robot Fighter.  

One thing I learned from Louise was that the original series of "Galactus the Devourer "had another 6 books planned, but they never happened.  I'm not sure if that was because of sales or because of John Buscema's failing health.  Either way, I hope one day these can be shared for all the fans to read.  These stories would make a nice addition to the "Lost Stories" section of the web site. .





Walter Simonson has been in the drawning business since 1972 drawing for books like Manhunter, Sr. Fate, The Metak Man, Hercules Unbound, Batman, Hulk, Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars, The X-Men/Teen Titans crossover. Walt is best know for his work on The Might Thor.  

As a Silver Surfer fan, I loved his work on the creation of the character Beta Ray Bill.  The character of Beta Ray Bill has many of the same noble characteristics that make the Surfer such a fan favorite.

Walter Simonson  showing the autographed and personalized promo poster for the introduction of Beta Ray Bill at the 2004 Comic Con.  Awesome work Walt!!!




Bruce Timm is best known for his work on Superman, Batman, and the Justice League.   Bruce has inked and drawn a few pages for Marvel and at one early point in his career he drew and inked a series of  Marvel Character sketches.  In all Bruce drew about 10 pictures with Silver Surfer included.  His favorite was a tribute page he did in honor of  Jack "the King" Kirby.  

It was amazing the buzz around Bruce and all the voice cast of Justice League at the Comic Con.  Bruce is truely one of the hottest artists out in the circuit right now, so it was very cool to get to meet him and talk about his Silver Surfer work.  I clearly felt like a fish out of water as I was surrounded by dozens of DC fans.

Bruce was probably wondering how a Silver Surfer fan got into the "Justice League, Superman, and Batman " autograph line.


Fun over the years showcasing my adventures at various ComicCon's

Best 2004 San Diego Comic Con Shot

Best 2003 San Diego Comic Con Shot

He-Man and She-Ra!

One of my old college buddies!  -- He's looked better


Best 2007 FF4-Rise of the Silver Surfer Shot

Avrell Jones having fun at Kieth's expense during 2009 Mid-Ohio Con

OH .. sorry.  Am I in your light?

Still a kid at heart !!!


Best 2010 New York City Comic Con

Acting Outlaws Charity Group -- 2010 NYC Comic Con

I had the chance to meet and briefly talk with Katee during the 2010 NYC Comic Con.  I think she is one of the best actors on TV today.

What the FRACK .. That's Battlestar Galactica star Katee Sackoff who played "Starbuck"?

Both Tricia Helfer (no. 6) and Katee Sackoff (Starbuck) were present at the "Women of Battlestar Galactica" discussion panel.  Both were very funny and even more amazing in person!!!


Doug Jones signed my Silver Surfer theater standee and enscribed a quote (see below). 

Had an amazing time with Doug Jones at the 2011 Mid-Ohio ComicCon

"You've shown me that we make wider Ripples in the Celestial Ocean than we know." -- The Silver Surfer



I had the lucky chance to met Adam West and Burt Ward (Batman & Robin).

Also at the 2011 Mid-Ohio Con was the original Bat Mobile.

The Dynamic TRIO?

HOLY Car-Jacker Batman! -- That's Poison Ivy stealing our car!


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